Strip The Stewards

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To absolutely no one’s surprise, the “takers” on Wall St. seem to be at it again. It’s funny how capitalism abhors “takers“, yet the biggest schleppers of your money dwell at the celebrated heart of unbridled capitalism – Wall St.

Capitalism is the worst “ism”, except for all the other “isms” – Unknown?

While government gets reviled for catering to average Joe Schmoe welfare “takers“, the hulking buttheads on Wall St. not only get off with a token monetary fine and a promise to “behave honorably” in the future, they get to set their own definition of “honorably“. As long as they’re too big to fail or jail, these psycho banks and the “innocents” who run them will continue to do as they please, knowing full well that small potatoes “takers” like you and me will…

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